Wednesday, 27 February 2013

On the Other Hand

There are really two ways to look at cycling. This blog post in itself will really show the differences. (Although in no way should this make you assume that you now know it all and don’t need to read this blog any more).

On the one hand it’s practical as a viable transport alternative. As such you might be needing tools and gadgets to make your ride as easy as possible. For example a sat nav nav that projects the directions onto the road so you can see the way to go while also not riding into a hole in the road. This assumes that all cyclists are unable to glance between a gadget and the road and are therefore inferior to drivers, but it definitely means well and there’s no way it would ever not work in bright sunshine, right?

On the other hand cycling is fun and games, either racing or just messing around and enjoying yourself. This is messing around on a grand scale:


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