Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Winter Chill-terns

In my opinion there are very few better ways to deal with a hangover than to go for a ride. Ideally it’ll be tough enough to get your body working, but one you know well so a fuzzy head won’t result in navigation errors. It’s probably not the time to head to the big hill, but a favourite of mine fit the bill perfectly this week.

It’s wet and muddy out there and that makes it harder, but there’s plenty of fun to be had and I raced the dying light home. That was a race I lost and rode the last two sections almost unable to see what I was riding over and relying on feel and memory to get through. This is what it looks like.

In fact it gave the chance to try and show how the trails differ between a fast August blast and a muddy December ride.

It’s almost enough to make you want to ride inside.


Thursday, 11 December 2014

Ice, Cross, and Building

Remember I told you about the trailer for Dan Atherton’s film. Well here is the whole thing brought to you awfully late.

Also on this somewhat lazy video roundup, a bit of cyclocross Chris Akrigg style.

And a bit of Icelandic riding, that looks beautiful. It’s certainly the time of year for armchair riding right now.


Thursday, 4 December 2014

Some Thursday Videos

For a view behind the thought process that went into Hardline you’d need to talk to Dan Atherton, but luckily for you he’s made a film to tell you about it. The film is released on Friday, but here’s the trailer:

Elsewhere there was intriguing news of a new long-distance mountain bike route being developed in the North which definitely has weekend adventure written all over it.

In other news the guys behind the Mont Ventoux Boris Bike trip have done it again.

And this video was marked as NSFW which made me want to watch 100%


Monday, 1 December 2014

Hert-tail and a Little Pinner.

You know that a young trials rider is worth looking at when Danny MacAskill suggests you look at his video. I’m nothing like as good a judge but I also think you should watch.

Arnaud Janin - Automne Edit from Florent Pichon �� on Vimeo.

Expect to see him in a Red Bull helmet in a few years.

Less interestingly I braved my damaged ankle to go and ride the bridleways of Hertfordshire. As winter properly gets going they were predictably muddy and slippery to ride, and a closed road meant I had to divert onto pretty major roads and miss my favourite sections of riding, but it was still a decent enough loop.

So, I hear you asking, what is the riding here like? For the first time I can show you the collection of only moderately inspiring bridleways through managed woodland and across wet fields that make up the ride. Punctuated with motorbikes and horses it isn’t the most technical or exciting riding, but has the huge advantage of being only half an hour form North London. Next time I’ll at least bring you the highlights of the route, but for now here is some exciting footage of an average rider sliding about in the mud on a hardtail.


Wednesday, 26 November 2014


It’s the off-season for mountain bike pros and they are left with a couple of choices. Either head out to New Zealand where it’s summer and race in urban downhill races. Or do something a bit more extreme.

Dan Atherton has a reputation for building jumps and trails that rivals his reputation as a rider and it fell to him to provide some thrills for several of the top pros in the world to ride in North Wales. He came up with Hardline, a race run that stretches the limits of what anyone can do on a bike. You know you’re onto something when former and current world champions are admitting to being scared. I realise I’m stretching a point here as the Hardline race took place in September, but still, the videos were only released yesterday and the race round-up will blow your mind.