Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Topping the Tour

Bike design is brilliant and there are new developments all the time to make sure you always have something to spend money on, and to improve the experience and fun for cyclists.

However, every so often there are developments that make you wonder exactly what the point is. For example, do you need a $70,000 wooden bike designed to match an iconic chair? Also, is this actually “simplifying” the bike, or making it a lot more complicated?

Away from somewhat questionable bicycle design choices there is good news for shops as a study has suggested that people walking or cycling stop and go to shops a lot more than if they are driving. Which seems slightly obvious, but it’s useful to know and something that maybe Alf from Alf’s Newsagent in Essex should bear in mind when he’s objecting to having more cyclists around (remember him?).

Perhaps more interestingly you can now get a full replay of Rampage here, and for road race lovers there’s news that Bradley Wiggins has recorded a Christmas show for 6Music with Paul Weller, further extending his media music career.

Finally (and I’ve kept the best til last) if you thought that winning the Tour de France was the most impressive thing you’d ever seen anyone do on a Pinarello Dogma 2 then this video might just change your mind.


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